SBA Loan Options That Help Small Businesses

When you small business needs a loan to launch a new service, balance cash flow or start up successfully, SBA loans are a competitive option. However, many small-business owners don’t realize how many SBA loan options are available. Compare these five small business loans today to determine the best financing option for your business.

SBA 7(a)

A basic and flexible small business loan option is an SBA 7(a) loan. These long-term loans require a business history and personal tax information, but can offer competitive rates and longer terms than many other small business loan options. Use your 7(a) loan to finance your payroll, property purchases, inventory or any other expenses that you may face in the first years of operation.


For a specialized option for securing assets is an SBA CDC/504 loan. A 504 loan, also known as a Certified Development Company loan, is focused on financing real estate and equipment. This loan option isn’t as flexible as a 7(a) loan, but can be a great option if you need to purchase an owner-occupied property.

SBA Express

The Small Business Administration also has loans available for smaller needs. If you need prompt funding for working capital or purchasing equipment, choose an SBA Express loan and enjoy a small or mid-sized loan for long-term working capital.

Microloan Options

When you need minor financing for your startup costs, turn to SBA microloans. These smaller loans are available for starting or expanding your business and can be used for nearly any business expenses up to $50,000. Secure the machinery you need, boost your initial working capital or pay for renovations to your commercial property before you embark on your small business adventure.

Community Advantage Program

Finally, SBA loans can be tailored for specific markets that are under served. If you work in an area or with a community is disadvantaged when it comes to receiving traditional financing options, you can enjoy a range of loans for your needs. From working capital and equipment purchases to payroll and renovations, gain the long-term lending you need to boost your small business and serve your community.

Carefully compare each of these SBA loan options to determine the best course for your business. Whether you’re just launching a new service in your community or manufacturing products for a global market, SBA loans offer the rates, requirements and loan terms you need to make your business successful.


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